Process Management

An organization's ability to deliver its products and services depends on both its people and its processes. Processes that are well-defined, consistent and repeatable produce higher levels of quality and productivity.

The Kaslen Group can assist you in defining or improving your processes by focusing on the key components: inputs, value-added tasks, check/review tasks, outputs/deliverables, standards, controls, tools, techniques and roles/responsibilities.

We use proven methods to define incremental or breakthrough process improvements, depending on your organization's readiness for change. We assist in process implementation planning and deployment activities to ensure that your newly defined or improved process becomes a successful part of your organization.

Improvement Process

Define Scope

Identify where the process begins and ends, and who are the key players.

Form a Process Improvement Team

Involve stakeholders with the insight to define what works and what doesn't work.

Analyze 'As Is' Process

Map the current process to identify cross-functional involvement, hand-offs, and sources of information.

Identify Gaps

Find the weaknesses in the current process from the perspective of those that initiate, manage and benefit from the process.

Define 'Should Be' Process

Develop the new or improved process, testing it against the identified weaknesses. Define roles and responsibilities.

Document the Process

Produce instructions for completing the process, including templates for all major deliverables and clear definitions of all components.

Define Implementation Plan

Prepare a plan for deploying the process within the organization, including piloting, first-time use coaching, process refinement and process value measurement.