Software has become embedded in almost every business activity. To minimize disruptions and ensure that business requirements are met, appropriate testing strategies must be developed and implemented.

The Kaslen Group can assist your organization in several ways. We can use our expertise to develop and implement proven testing strategies that are tailored to your organization's needs and technical environment. When time and resources are at a premium for your project, we can plan and manage your testing efforts for you, and provide resources to execute tests.

Performing Testing Activities

Our consultants can serve as test team leaders and testers for functional, integration, system and acceptance testing for applications. We will:

  • Define the testing approach
  • Document the test plan
  • Establish defect tracking procedures
  • Develop test scripts, test cycles, and test data
  • Set up test automation
  • Oversee or perform test execution
  • Document or monitor results
  • Coordinate test activities

Improving Testing Practices

When projects are late or over budget, reducing testing activities is often seen as a way to cut corners. All too often, testing is considered as a necessary evil at the end of the development effort, instead of as an integral part of the project life cycle.

We can help you improve your testing practices by addressing the process as a structured discipline with its own process, activities and deliverables. Our experienced software test managers can:

  • Assess your current testing practices
  • Recommend improvements
  • Define a testing process tailored to your environment and needs
  • Implement proven testing processes, procedures and automated tools
  • Establish independent test teams