Quality Management

There are many ways to fail in building software and only a few ways to succeed. The Kaslen Group can help your organization implement proven quality management practices defined by industry models, such as the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model and ISO standards.

Establish Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Successful Software Quality Assurance Groups demonstrate immediate value to their companies. We can help you establish an SQA function that will provide tangible short-term results while positioning for long-term quality improvement.

Define and Implement a Project's Quality Plan

As projects need a project plan to ensure on-time delivery within budget, projects need a quality plan. We can develop a quality plan by assessing your project's risks. We can help you implement controls and preventative measures to reduce those risks.

Implement a Software Development Process

Most companies have a software development process, either 'home-grown' or purchased. For a variety of reasons, these processes are not used by project teams. We can help you assess the gap between current and desired process, develop an implementation plan to close the gap, and provide process customization and training.

Implement Formal Reviews or Inspections

Formal reviews or inspections can detect software defects early within the software development process. We can help you define and implement an inspection process that works within your company's software development practices.

Improve Software Configuration Management

A common cause for production problems is poor control over the versions of software that reside in production environments versus versions in development. We can help you assess your current software configuration management practices, identify potential areas of exposure, and implement improvements to ensure adequate controls are in place.