Project Managment

The Kaslen Group is experienced in managing projects and providing effective project planning and tracking, risk management, change management, and resource management. We can directly manage your projects or assist you in implementing the project managment disciplines necessary for successful delivery of your projects, on schedule and within budget.

Managing Projects

Our project managers have experience leading projects of various sizes and complexity. Our wide range of projects includes business process outsourcing, conversion and software upgrades and releases. We bring the following competencies to your projects:

  • Develop the project plan
  • Define project deliverables
  • Develop project estimates
  • Establish project roles and accountabilities
  • Define and control project scope and requirements
  • Ensure effective communication
  • Manage and mitigate project risks
  • Monitor progress and resolve issues
  • Allocate project resources
  • Manage the project's budget and resources
  • Manage the customer's expectations
  • Coach team members for high performance
  • Coordinate activities with other work units
  • Improving Project Management

We can help you establish project management as a core competency within your organization.

  • Assess current project management practices
  • Recommend improvements in project management practices
  • Define a framework for project management
  • Conduct project management training
  • Implement proven project management practices
  • Establish a project office