Strategic Planning

Successful organizations create a vision of what they want to be, establish realistic objectives, and identify the initiatives and organization structures that will help them achieve their vision.

Merely identifying initiatives and changes will not get your organization to its goals. You need a road map to ensure that you take the quickest route to your objectives, without time-consuming (and resource-consuming) detours.

Organizations that fail to build a strategic plan experience internal improvement initiatives that come and go, unsuccessful attempts to improve quality or productivity, and constantly changing priorities. They can point to a shelf full of approaches and tools that are bought but never used.

Using a proven strategic planning process, the Kaslen Group can assist you and your management team in creating a practical road map for attaining your vision.

Planning Process

Customer Value Definition

How does your department or team create value within your company? Is your department considered your company's service provider of choice?

Culture Definition

What is it like to work in your organization? Does your culture help or hinder your success?

Vision Statement

In an ideal world, what would your organization be like from both your customers' and your staff's points of view?

Objectives and Measures

What do you want to accomplish or change and how will you know when you get there?

Objectives and Processes Alignment

What processes are key to your success? Will your current processes help or hinder achievement of your objectives? What processes will need improvement?

Priority Initiatives

What should be the key improvement initiatives within your organization? How are these initiatives aligned with your objectives?

Organization Structure

Are all functions critical within your current organization? Would reorganization help you to achieve your objectives?